Big Dumb Buildings

Big Dumb Buildings is a project I curated with the help of the Norman Arts Council at the beginning of 2016. Two musicians came to me to help them develop their album release for a band that had never played a live show into an historic event. The idea we came up with was to hold an event like a comeback tour for a non-existent legendary band. We had local artists create tour artifacts, associated art work, stills from music videos, merchandise, AND live performances of Big Dumb Buildings songs by ardent fans of the band. For the event itself I built a printing press, designed shirts, and printed live during the event. 

Press: OK Gazette, Norman Transcript

Videos from the evening can be found here

Big Dumb Buildings is Gregg Standridge and Brian Eads ... mostly. 

Visual Artists: Ellen Moershel, Medeia Starfire, and Brian Dunn



Brian Dunn

Screen printed stickers for limited edition 7" vinyl

brian medeia.jpg

Medeia Starfire

Photographed dioramas depicting lyrics, prototypes for music video sets. 

brian setup.jpg


Big Dumb Buildings were at it again in 2017/2018 and I was able to work with them all over again. They wrote a musical called Spots and Stripes. I was there to help with stage design, build sets and do some of the more practical thing.

You can read more about it, and find images at the following locations:

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