Here is a thing or two that happened.


So about a month ago I had a conversation on the record with a nice fella' in my studio.

This is the article he wrote. It was definitely flattering and made for a pretty solid end to the week.

I've been organizing and trying to get my studio and mind in order for the coming year, and  my lack of actual "productivity" - look for a future entry about the American obsession with productivity and how it's destroying .. well... everything - had been getting me down. Or as my wife would say, "You're acting like a lunatic trying to get too many things done," and my response is usually, "IWILLSTOPWHENIFEELLIKEDEATHWOULDBEASWEETRELEASE," then I go take a nap or something.    

     In the last year my work situation has changed significantly - I still have multiple jobs, but they fit me better now - and things have been in transition since summer 2017. I've changed industries in the day job, and venues in the teaching gigs. I'm happier where I am now but stability is important for my work/creative process. It took ages for all those things to line up, for the strands to be braided in a manageable sort of way, but I'm getting there.

 I've operated on the, "one-less-thing-I-have-to-worry-about" philosophy of clothes and food and things since high school, but that only works if you've got some kind of financial, spacial and work stability. For example, if you have to make something really quickly for money, the painting you've been working on for 3 months is going to have to take a back seat, and that sucks but it's real. It's hard to get a solid flow going or to start new things, to dream, to explore, when you're half way through a few projects that you owe to various clients. I'm extremely grateful/lucky to have this problem, but working this way can be expensive. Not expensive money-wise, more like realizing there is only so much of your self to go around. If you have to re-invent the wheel every time you need to do something, man I just need to start farming some stuff out, like doing my taxes and automotive maintenance and perhaps even some day mowing the lawn. 

    This is all to say, 2018 will be the year of NO. Once I've wrapped up all my project commitments for the year for other people, I'm going to say NO for six months or a year. I mean, if someone says, "Do the hokey pokey and I'll give you a million bucks," I'll take a dance break, ya know? I'm going to explore and play around and start making more of my own work again. There will be diversions, that's just how I do things, but I'm going to be selfish with my work time. I'll still keep my teaching commitments to my private students, and monthly-ish workshop schedule, but probably won't take on any new private students. And by the way, MONTHLY WORKSHOP coming up shortly.


      So while working on one project, I veered off into an experiment. I've been working on a flora themed steel mailbox, and ended up making some leafy necklaces. I made them because people said, "Hey! Those leaves look great! I would totally wear them as jewelry!" Sometimes I'm a jukebox, sometimes I'm a curmudgeon, this time you get a song or two.

I have been told they are, "cute" and desirable. I have about 14 of them, and $50 seems reasonable to me. So if you want one, or two, or to berate me for my price point click on the 'aul "Contact/Bio" link and drop me a line. I should have an Etsy set up very soon, I have someone helping me. 


      I'm a little rusty at this whole writing thing. I've banked a few half decent entries, but this one, the urge hit me and here we are. I've wanted to drop some studio tips, and talk about how productivity can be a sick mental hole, and how to do lists can be a mental emotional rollercoaster of pressure and madness. I quit smoking a few weeks ago. Maybe it'll stick this time. Here's hoping, talk to you soon. 

OH OH, and if anyone out there has suggestions for tags/categories/metadata stuff I suck at and don't want to deal with, PLEASE ADVISE.


While this was probably not informative, I do hope you were, at the very least, entertained. If you want to buy something I've made, or wish to send me a snarky e-mail you can hit the contact tab and fill out the form. Take a chance. Join the many few.